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1821 Jany 20 By James HIlls Bond Assigned 92.56
1821 Jany 20 By James HIlls Bond Assigned 92.56
Dr Balance at Jany 20 1821 346.96
Dr Balance at Jany 20 1821 346.96
May 28 Too Ironing Hubs for Cart wheels 2.50
May 28 To Ironing Hubs for Cart wheels 2.50
Decem 3 To shoing Horse 2 pair 1.25
Decem 3 To shoing Horse 2 pair 1.25
6 To ditto  ditto 2 pair 1.25
6 To ditto  ditto 2 pair 1.25
24 To sharpening 2 Genbing Hosev.17
1823 Feby 8 Too 6 Bands for Cart Wheels 6.--
May 1 Too sharpening 2 Helling Hoes  .17
Too Eye to Hoe .25 .11
Aug't To Garland & Freeland for this paid you by William J. Freeland in Richmond April 9, 1819 60.-
1824 April 5 To Removing 2 pair Horse Shoes .50
Aug't 30 To Shoeing Horse 1 pair .50
To making 12 Nails and [illegible] on time .50 1.50
Int on $350.96 from Jany 20 1821 to May 1825 89.46
Bal'e due on this Acco May 1825 508.51
[right side of page] General Statement of the several debts due by the Defendant Powell to the Plaintiff Galrland Vin
Amount of this acco No. 2. settled up to May 1825 as pr the preceding statement 508.51
Amount of Contract with Chs Perrow and by Perrow assigned by which you sell to Perrow [illegible] Slaves, which Contract is dated May 4, 1816 the consideration then in expressed is
Interest on the above sum from May 4, 1916 till June 1823 233.75
Cr  783.75
By this sum paid in part of the sale of the Negroes about June 1823 as [illegible] receipt [illegible] the defendant 300.-
To Interest on 483.75 from June 1823 to May 1825 55.55
This sum due for the negroes at May 1825 539.30
To Rent of a House call'd the old Tavern one year ending Jany 1, 1824 60.-
1824 To ditto - one year ending Jany 1 1825 60.-
Cr  120.-
Decem 20 By 30 Barrels Corn rec'd in part Rent 10/6 52.50 67.50
Bal'e of [illegible]  to which add the Cost of distress 67.50 1402

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