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the Wooster Rooster Vol 2, No. 1 Monday, 10 December 1945 PATTON IN AUTO WRECK BRAIN SPECIALIST CALLED IN It was announced over the radio last night that General George S. Patton was seriously injured Sunday afternoon in an automobile accident near Mannheim, Germany. General Patton was carried to a hospital in Heidelberg, Germany, with a fractured skull. The full extent of the injury has not been determined, however, a brain specialist was rushed in immediately to examine the General. ****************** CIO representatives have refused to accept President Truman's proposal to end the General Motors strike. ***************** WE AIM TO PLEASE: In order to help keep all of you 'HOME BOUND' troops up--to--date on the events of interest in the U.S.A. and other items of interest such as entertainment on board the Wooster Victory, the WOOSTER ROOSTER will be a daily news feature throughout the trip home. This paper is for YOU and in order to help it benefit the troops most, we ask that all items of interest among the various companies be reported to the TROOPS OFFICE. All suggestions or criticisms will be appreciated. ****************** SAD BUT TRUE: Latest W.D. directives inform us that there is a possibility of a 3 to 5 day wait at the seperation centers before an individual's name appears on the seperation list. The actual seperation process takes about 48 hours. Mileage Score As of 1200 hrs today. Total mielage - 489 To go - 3811 ****************** FACTS ABOUT YOUR HOME BOUND SHIP: The Wooster Victory is a VO 2 type ship 455 Feet long. Has a boon of 62 feet---Deadweight tons - 10, 718 --DIsplacement 15,199--Gross tons 7,607--Net tons-4,561-Cruising radius of 23,500 miles and uses 280 barrels of oil daily. It was built in San Pedro, California in April this year and had just returned from a round the world trip before she was converted into a troop ship. TRANSPORT SERVICES COUNCIL [illegible]: To assist the Transport Services in I & E, Special Service and Personal Affairs activities, a Transport Service Council was formed yesterday and concist of the following representatives: Capt. Orville Armstrong - Transport Cmd Capt. Herbert H. Bailey Capt. William D. MacGibbon Chaplain Henry Ridenhour -Transp. Chapla 2nd Lt Charles Bobrowski-Transp. Sev Of 2nd Lt Walter G Smith-Asst " . " " 2nd Lt Marvin Anderson - Transp. Surgeo M/Sgt. Milton H Iredell, Jr T/Sgt. Davis ****************** Capt. Armstrong, Transport Commander, along with S/Sgt. Fisher and Cpl. Egge, will begin their orientation lectures today. All questions will be welcomed and answered immediately following the lecture.