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For your Entertainment 0900 Rooster Distributed 0900-0930 Episcopalian Services - Hold #4 0900-1100 Games, Hobbies, and Crafts at the Chaplain's hut. 0945-1015 Catholic Services - Hold #4 1000 Inspection of troop areas 1030-1100 Protestant Services - Hold #4 1030 Records over PA System 1100 Orientation over PA System 1100 Orientation over PA System 1230-1400 Troop Orchestra in hold #4 1400 Movies - Keeper of the Flame. 1400 Bingo for officers in officers mess. 1400-1600 Games, Hobbies, and crafts at the Chaplain's hut. 1600 Records over PA System 1800-1900 Troop Orchestra in hold #4 1900 Movies - Keeper of the Flame 2000 Bingo for EM in EM mess hall. MORE PX ITEMS TODAY: You have already received your 2 cartons of cigarets and 6 bottles of Coca Cola and today you are to get your PX issue of candy, cigars and chewing gum. All Unit PX representatives will report to the PX Office at 0900 hours to make arrangements to pick up these items for their respective companies.