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the Wooster Rooster Vol. 2 No.2 Tuesday 11 December 1945 NEWS FLASHES!! We regret to report that we have been unable to get any further news on the condition of General Patton. The Wooster Rooster will bring you the latest news of the General's condition just as soon as it is received. *************** Twenty scientists who helped develop the Atomic bomb have suggested that a control board be established to control the development of Atomic power. **************** The labor situation continues to hold the limelight in the world news with no improvement being made in the General Motors strike. Also, the Ford Motor Company is having it's share of labor disputes. John L. Lewis is to appear before the Labor Board today. LET'S COOPERATE MORE: Fellows we were very fortunate in getting to make that 'Sentimental Journey' in a swell ship like the Wooster Victory. The personnel charged with the responsibility of getting us safely home have done a swell job--agreed!! Now, let us show our appreciation by obeying a few simple rules: 1. Keep moving on the ladders and passageways. 2. Don't throw trash, etc. under things in the passageways. If you must throw things in the passageways, put it in the middle where it can be cleaned up. 3. Don't throw trash, etc. on the main deck and hold covers. 4. Dont sit on your life jackets. 15 DAYS TO XMAS USA MILEAGE SCORE As of - 1200 hrs today. Total mileage - 885 To go 3415 We should pass the Rock of Gibralter at approximately 0730 today. Gibralter is 820 miles from Marseille via our [reute?]. *************** SEE YOUR CHAPLAIN: