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the Wooster Rooster Vol. 2 No. 3 PATTON PARALYZED The radio announced today that General George S. Patton is still in a critical condition, suffering from a broken neck and is paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors at Heidelberg still refused to give chance for his recovery, but did say that he had a good night last night. Mrs. Patton was at the General's bedside this morning after being flown from the States. *************** LABOR POT CONTINUES TO BOIL: The Ford Motor Company is studying a CIO UA W plan for curbing unauthorized strikes and is preparing to discuss wages with the union. Negotiatons have been arranged for tomorrow. The union offer provides that instigators of wildcat strikes in work plants be discharged. A union spokesman found the plan unprecedented and predicted it would be acceptable to the Company. There was nothing to indicate settlement of the strike at General Motors involving more than 200,000 workers. General Motors has announced termination of their contract with the union, but negotiations on a new contract are to be resumed today. *************** SITUATION IN GERMANY: Machinery of 30 big German factories have been allocated to Allied countries for reparation. In the American zone, civil administration is to be handed over to the Germans at the end of the year, with Americans retaining control at the highest level. *************** American prosecution at Nuremburg, Germany, showed that Germans planned to attack Russia 5 months before striking and Ribbentrop early in 1940 urged Japan to attack Singapore. USA MILEAGE SCORE As of - 1200 hrs today. Total mileage - 1265 To go - 3035 SKIPPER IS 'ON THE BALL'. We wish to call your attention to 2 charts, one on the wall across from the dispensary near hold #4, the other in the EM mess hall. These charts were placed for your convenience by our skipper, Captain Wihlborg, and he will plot our position on the heavy blue line each day at noon.