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the Wooster Rooster Vol 2 No. 4 Thursday 13 December 1945 MORE ON PATTON General George S. Patton spent a good night at the Army hospital at Heidelberg, Germany. His condition remains grave and there is no sign of any improved condition in his paralysis. Today a 'No Visitors' sign was placed on the General's door after the Nurses complained that his room looked like the Grand Central Station. The Nurses report that the General is in good spirits and tells them not to worry about him that he is alright, and that he tried to get them to leave him but they state that the General will not eat or drink unless he is forced to do so. The nurses further state that the Genera; is a model patient and does not use profane language they had always heard he uses. *************** President Truman held a press conference in Washington yesterday and provided several new items for consideration. 1. He asked that building and housing property be placed under government control and that veterans be allowed preference. 2. Says that US Marines will remain in China until the surrender terms with small Jap forces have been carried out. 3. A board was appointed by the President to review the General Motors labor dispute and a summary board will be appointed later for the steel industry. ********* Secretary Byrnes left for Moscow for conference on critical issues of the Big Three. Among the more important topics to be discussed are Atomic Energy and the Peace Conference. It is stated that the solving of the Atomic bomb problem will constitute 50% of the Big Three's problems *************** The labor situation continues to cause great concern with the main spotlights focused on the Ford Motor Company, General Motors and now the steel industry is taking it's place on the stage. In Pittsburgh, CIO board of steel workers voted MILEAGE SCORE As of - 1200 hrs today. Total mileage - 1672 To go - 2628 for the largest strike in it's history for January 14. This strike will effect over 700,000 workers in steel, aluminium, and iron ore works. Union officials are now working on a $2.00 per day wage increase. Possible Government intervention was rejected. ************* General Marshall, appearing before a Committee investigating the Pear Harbor attack, said he was convinced 4 months previous to the attack on Pearl Harbor of Japan hostilities, but we were not prepared for war at that time. A statement giving the prediction of that attack and it's place were made known that same morning to Secretary Knox. ****************** CHAPLIN SAYS, I will take 'Safe Arrival' telegrams, which will be sent the minute we dock, to any part of the States for 31 [cents] each. Also, I will hold your excess money until the trip is over. I'm located at the Chaplin Hut, hold #4, between the hours of 0900-1100 and 1400-1600 ************* A WHALE OF A STORY Believe it or not but yesterday afternoon a whale was seen from the deck of the Wooster Victory. We have been told by someone who should know, that it is very unusual to see a whale in these waters so you can use this story to back up YOUR story about seeing a whale on the southern route about one day's travel time from the Rock of Gibralter 13 days to XMAS