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Bridge Champions??? Undisputed champions!! That is the title that has been given Colonel Ciccolella and Major Norton. It has been said that for a small fee you can secure a match with three champs, that is, if you can find their manager. (Ed. Note: This does not reflect the editorial opinion of this paper). ************** KEEP IT CLEAN. The men of Cannon Company are to be congradulated on having the best record so far for having their quarters in excellent condition for inspection. However, Headquarters Company, 143d Infantry Regiment moved to the head of the class for the splendid job they did on policing the deck, latrines, passageways, etc., Captain Armstrong, Transport Commander, says that the ship was as clean as it ever had been since it has been hauling troops. Now, you other companies have a goal to shoot at, so let's go to it and show these two companies that they can be beat. ************** SOMETHING NEW For your entertainment we proudly present the "Radio Revels" over the PA System at 1030 A.M. This is a variety show put on by T/5 E.A. Lewis and T/4 Leslie Heath. We know that you will find this show good for plenty of laughs as it has lots of comedy and music. Following the variety show will be a pepped-up presentation of the latest records by Pfc Gordon Williamson. Remember the time and be sure to listen in over the PA System for this new treat, as it will be worth your time.