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Bridge Champions??? Undisputed champions!! That is the title that has been given Colonel Ciccolella and Major Norton. It has been said that for a small fee you can secure a match with three champs, that is, if you can find their manager. (Ed. Note: This does not reflect the editorial opinion of this paper). ************** KEEP IT CLEAN. The men of Cannon Company are to be congradulated on having the best record so far for having their quarters in excellent condition for inspection. However, Headquarters Company, 143d Infantry Regiment moved to the head of the class for the splendid job they did on policing the deck, latrines, passageways, etc., Captain Armstrong, Transport Commander, says that the ship was as clean as it ever had been since it has been hauling troops. Now, you other companies have a goal to shoot at, so let's go to it and show these two companies that they can be beat. ************** SOMETHING NEW For your entertainment we proudly present the "Radio Revels" over the PA System at 1030 A.M. This is a variety show put on by T/5 E.A. Lewis and T/4 Leslie Heath. We know that you will find this show good for plenty of laughs as it has lots of comedy and music. Following the variety show will be a pepped-up presentation of the latest records by Pfc Gordon Williamson. Remember the time and be sure to listen in over the PA System for this new treat, as it will be worth your time. ****************** YOU CANT BEAT THAT SWING: The fellows in the band are doing such a swell job, we would like to again express our thanks and appreciation. When you watch them play, you wonder if the Chaplain's organ will ever be content with hymns after T/4 Koberstein gets through putting it through the paces with the band. Have you ever noticed how that drummer chews gum when he plays those drums, the faster the music the faster he chews. However, it takes all that to produce good music, so it [if] gum is all you need then you should have no trouble getting a supply as long as you play like you have been doing. *************** YOUR DAY IS COMING: Said Pfc Billy Dudley, "I like my sergeant. He's a nice guy. It's just too bad that his parents weren't the type to devour their young", as he was cleaning out a garbage can. EVENTS of the DAY 0900 Rooster Distributed 0900-0930 Episcopalian Services -Hold#4 0900-1100 Games, Hobbies and Crafts at the Cha;lain's [Chaplain's] Hut. 0945-1015 Catholic Services - Hold #4 1000 Inspection of troop areas 1030-1100 Protestant Services - Hold #4 1030-1100 Radio Revels 1100 Orientation over PA System 1230-1400 Troop Orchestra, "Jam Session 1400 Movies-"Brewster's Millions" 1400 Bingo for officers in officer mess hall. 1400-1600 Games, Hobbies, and Crafts at the Chaplain's Hut. 1600 Records over PA System 1800-1900 Troop Orchestra, "Jam Session" 1900 Movies-"Brewster's Millions" 2000 Bingo for EM in EM Mess hall P.X. NEWS We still have quite a few toilet articles and a few cigarets and crackers in the PX. The PX hours remain the same - 1300 to 1530. Remember, fellows, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. The PX time for Officers remains the same 0900 to 1000 daily. NO Smoking in berthing areas. "This is Pvt. McLaughlin. He's a fire hazard."