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36th INFANTRY DIVISION December 13, 1944: The 26th Infantry Divisiion, fighting desperately in the Colmar Pocket, was cut off. A fierce, fanatical enemy had smashed back the point of the Texas Division's lines, sliced hard through the flanks, cut rear communications. First battalion, 142nd Regiment, holding the left bank in Selestat, withstood vicious assaults of two Russia-hardened enemy divisions, sent them reeling back with heavy casualties. Five hundred Germans struck at the center of the line, infiltrated back as far as the 141st Regimental CP in Riquewihr. Cooks, clerks, other [illegible] troops had to be called to help drive them out. An enemy assault battalion of officer candidates slashed in from the south, cut the supply lines of the 3rd battalion, 143d Regiment. Meanwhile, German engineers slipped through to artillery positions, blew up a howitzer, mined and blocked a road to the rear. The ring around the T-Patchers was sealed.