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USA MILEAGE SCORE As of - 1200 hours today. Total mileage - 3960 To go - 340 EVENTS of the DAY 0900 Rooster Distributed 0900-0930 Episcopalian Services 0945-1015 Catholic Services 1000 Inspection of troops area 1030-1100 Protestant Services 1100 Orientation over PA System 1100-1145 Boxing - Hold #4. 1230-1330 Troop Orchestra - Jam Session 1330-1500 Games, Hobbies, Games. 1400 Movies -"Enter Arsen Lupi" 1500-1800 Recordings over PA System. 1800-1900 Troop Orchestra - Jam Session 1930 Movies -"Enter Arsen Lupi" 2000 Bingo for EM in Mess Hall. ALL HAIL THE SKIPPER Captain Wihlberg, Master of the Wooster Victory, is no stranger to the Armed Forces. During the Normandie Invasion, Capt Wihlborg carried several thousand troops across the fog swept English Channel on the Liberty Ship S/S David Starr Jordan. Our skipper started his sea going career on a Swedish School Ship back in 1912, and made his first long ocean voyage in 1914 as a "young man" aboard the Swedish Motor Liner Kronprins Gustav Adolf. His first foreign port was Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was back in the days when the Sea Apprenteice had to shine the shoes of the older sailors, wash dishes on his time off, and keep the sailors Fore-cast-le clean--or else. Having taken some of the boys "over there" the skipper says that he is grateful to be able to bring a number of them back after it is over," "over there". Thanks In the final edition of the Wooster Rooster for the troups now aboard, we would like to give credit where credit is due and after having that delicious cake for chow this evening, we can think of no better place to start than by expressing not on our thanks, but those of the entire passenger personnel, for the wonderful chow and the manner in which it has been served. While our appetites might not have been up to par at times, that was no fault of the cooks. Special thanks are given to the several men (cooks, bakers, butchers, storekeepers), who devoted their entire time to this work for the benefit of the rest of us. *************** Along the I & E line, we are indebted to the S/Sgt Fisher and Cpl. Egge for the valuable information they have given us in those daily orientation lectures over the PA System. A lot of points have been cleared up by these two men. *************** Have you ever stopped to won-der who was running the movie projector for your convenience aboard this ship? Well, Sgt. McVeigh and T/5 Haller took over that part of the entertainment program and have done a swell job with the equipment on hand. There are numerous others that would like to pay tribute, such as Sgt. Whitcomb, T/Sgt Chambles and all the members of the band. The singers and other fellows who have done their part in entertain-ing us on the trip home. Then the Special Service department gives us Lt. Walter Smith, Lt. Bobrowski, and Lt. Cahoon. Those PX items sure have come in good and there were lot more of them than anyone had anticipated. In discussing the 'thank you' subject with the powers to be, they even suggested that mention be made of the fellows who have tried to bring you the Wooster Rooster every day with that special item, the Mileage Score -- M/Sgt. Oxford, T/5 Meyer and Pfc Tommie Sabin. We fellows who have worked on the Wooster Rooster only hope that the little part that we have contributed has afforded some benefit to each of you and trust that each of you will have a very Merry Christmas and a Civilian New Year.