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CHANGES MADE IN DISCHARGE SCORE: U.S. War Department has announced today, the new discharge point scores to be effective the 1st of January. Many changes and lower-ings in the point scores have been made but no drastic changes. ****************** INCLEMENT WEATHER CONTINUES: U.S. weather bureau announced late this morning that the storm which is covering wide sections of the country, will continue until Friday when an abatement in the cold spell and fury of the storm is expected to climax. Bus and car services are greatly reduced and restricted. Very little traffic is expected until the end of the week. ****************** CHURCHILL TO VISIT U.S.A. SOON: Winston Churchill, ex-Prime Minister of England, expects to vacation and rest in the United States starting around the 15th. of January, when he is expected to arrive in the States. He will stay at the home of the well known Colonel Frank Clark. ****************** BLAST LEAVES THOUSANDS HOMELESS: One thousand persons were left homeless today in San Diego, when an ammunition truck blew up near the home project area, damaging homes and home furnishings in about 284 homes. The blast was felt for 19 miles and a score of persons were injured. ****************** NEW SUPER PATROL BOMBER ANNOUNCED: The Navy announced a new super patrol bomber today. It has a range as great as either the B-17 or B-24 and a greatly more heavily armored assembly. It has a 21,000 lbs bomb load, 4-11" rocket tubes, is equipped with 16AA rocket tubes as well as 4-40mm cannons in the nose and the rear. ****************** GI'S SETTLING IN AUSTRALIA: American G.I!s are being encouraged to settle in Australia. Many of the South Pacific Veterans have expressed a desire to live on the continent "down under". To help this idea along, the Australian Government has special shipping rates to any G.I. that wishes to sail there for the reasons of settling. It seems that many have already taken advantage of this. MESSAGE FROM TRANSPORT COMMANDER: "I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you officers and men of the 141 and 143 Infan-try Regiments for the splendid cooperation that you have given me, as Transport Commander, in keeping your berthing area and the decks clean; Also, your regard for the ship's regulations and your acceptance of the over crowd-ed condition without complaining. I couldn't have asked for more whole hearted cooperation than that received from the officers in helping me to carry out the task of making your trip home as pleasant as possible. "You have proved yourselves good sailors as well as good soldiers, and as a representative of the Transportation Corps, I consider it a privilige to have been given the assignment of assisting you safely during your return to the United States". ORVILLE E. ARMSTRONG Captain, Transportation Corp ****************** SOME OF THE THINGS TO EXPECT AT PORT Here are a few pointers on what to expect when you reach the promised land. As you walk down the gang plank to the dock, you will go immediately to trains which are only about 30 ft away. These trains will take you to Camp Patrick Henry, a distance of 17 miles, and there you will have to walk about 2 or 3 blocks to your billets. You will receive a welcome address from Col. Fountain and we are told that the Colonel arranges for a swell dinner. Steak I hope.