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and soon dad

Nov 20 1942

Lovingston Va


Dudie Recd your litter this morn was glad to hear from you & know that you had gone to work. Im still by my self I sent you a card & told you Mother [Minnie W. Kidd] was at sister [Ruby Kidd Stevens] she hasnt come back yet & I havent heard a word. I guess she will probly be in Friday I would wait & let her ans this letter with better paper. I can't find a damn scrap on the place. You said you was out of Money I'm inclosing a dollar $1.00 I would send more but dont have it just now this will help a bit. You ask about the chickens they are doing a little better I got 88 eggs to day. That is about all I can do while Mama gone we are having some lovely weather this week for work but I get in such little time I havent finish my corn yet. havent any more room

Mother will write when she gets home