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Thursday AM Nov. 9, 1944

Dearest Sonney, Will try to find a few lines to write you. this am. was to tired & sleepy last night to set up cracked walnuts nearly all day. Dad [Robert Basil Haris] still working for Terry[?]. will be all the week. Von was up here yesterday looking for him seem to be mad. We just fill out the[?] that paper & sent it to the Board got 27 gas stamps. Never did find that card. Nolan Simpson was to come here this morn to look at the cow & calf but fail to come so far the calf getting Browny milk too. Uncle L is moving in Uncle Dud[?] old house they was down there yesterday cleaning up. Ruby [Harris Stevens] came up here to get a tub & moop. said Robert he was not getting along so well the Dr dont think he will get well said if he pull