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Sunday pm 9/5/43 Dearest Son

Wish I was writing you today it is so lonesome & blue here. received your letter sorry you was so long gettig my letter. I'ld like to write every day. no news & I hate to write so much to do and washing & trying to get Robert [Robert Basil Harris] Along I realliy am ready for the Sylam. I certainly hope yhou will come home and make a change, No use in saying no Mama guess you know Sister [Ruby Harris Stevens] has ben home for a week she gone down to Iva [May Kidd Wood] this evening Dad [Robert Basil Harris] was down to. Mrs [Ora L.] Harris yesgterday Sat-- be careful of what you write them. they like to talk so well. you said you said something about the [Illegible] Did you fill out a Form I havent received any. got my glasses guess I look something like a Flag with them n. Mrs Harris told Robt. yesterday all the Dr. could find wrong with Eddie [Eugene Basil Harris] was bad nerviious. Hope you can soon be with us well please write me I'll write you soon. Love & best wishes Mother Tues. am

Gene [Eugene Basil Haris] came home yesterday am he [page torn]