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117 Miss Vernon addressed the meeting with her usual rigor and earnestness and if a pin had dripped everyone would have heard it. We are happy to know that Miss Vernon's bosom friend the little chameleon is still alive and giving, material assistance to the Woman's Party.

Mrs. Meredith offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted.

Whereas American women are performing the duties of citizenship and ask to be recognized as citizens by the Constitution of the United States

[illegible] That be men and women of Richmond Va. at a meeting in the Jefferson Auditorium, April 3 - 1918 do call [illegible] the U.S. Senate to has immediately the Susan B. Anthoney Amendment.

Resolved The this resolution be sent to President Wilson, Senator Martin and Senator [illegible] and that Senator Martin [illegible] it had into the Congressional Record. Marion T. [Reach?] Secretary.