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the said last mentioned Slave so as aforesaid sold and delivered was reasonably worth at the time of the sale and delivery thereof other 90£ whereof the sd Stepney on the same day & year last above mentioned there had notice. Yet the said Stepney disregarding his said several promises made as aforesaid and intending to defraud & deceive the sd Joshua in this behalf hath not as yet paid the aforesaid several sums of money or [illegible] them to the said Joshua altho to pay the same to the sd Joshua he the sd Stepney hath often been required, but to pay the same or [other?] of them to the sd Joshua he the said Stepney hath refused & still doth refuse to the damage of the [sd Joshua £ 90 therefore he sues. B Brown [illegible] We of the Jury find for the defendant H. Williams