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Cerilly France Dec. 8th 1918 My Dear Mother, I haven't written you all since about the [Twenth?] of Nov. that is except a card. The reason I haven't is we have been on a [ten?] day hike. We were on the road twelve days. Marched 210 kilometers which about 131 miles and it was some trip too, and all of us had to carry our packs, but [illegible] [illegible] it along it, and am feeling fine now. This place is about three miles from [Chatellousun?] [illegible] I was over there yesterday, it is [a?] right nice little town but I did not think much of it. I was standing on the street when I saw [Tom?] [Thornhill?] [park?] in a car. I called to him and he stopped. I certainly was glad to see him - He told me he saw [Tom?] [Terry?] the day before