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96 Ozeana, Va. Dec"7th 1957 Our final council and resolution meetings was held on the oboe named date, with the moderator Rev. W.A. Young presiding. he stated that the meeting was open prayer was offered by "[C.K. Green?]" after which the chair ask for the reading go the minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were read and adopted with one correction as follows mrs nettie Lompkin motion to except miss Hellen Yates suggestion in our previous meeting. mr. Robbs made his report as to the school house he said that it was in bad condition and he suggested it would be good to give it to some that if they whirls clean up everything om motion by Sister Louise Green to except his report motion carried. The pastor spoke on the necessity of a building for "[to entertain the S.S. on what not new business?]" report of field committee report of committee on election of officers 1958 "[we your committee on Election of officers, wish to make the following report.?]" Rev. W.A. Young as pastor, miss Susie Cannon " clerk, Dea" G.W. Bayton " "[Sexton?]", miss "[illegible]" "[Gresham?]" " organist, Dea Arthur Harris " treasurer

97 2 "[commission/communion?]" Sister Louise Green "[submitted?]" your committee Dea Paul Lompkin, " John H. Carter, mr. Ernest Robb a motion was made by Bro A.G. Harris to vote on all of the officers as a whole. This was second by mrs nettie Lompkin next committee on salaries we your committees on officers salaries "[illegible]" report for 1958 pastor Rev. W.A. Young $72 , clerk miss susie cannon 6, sexton Dea G.W. Bayton 90, organist miss Gresham 72.00, "[illegible]" A.B. Harris 12.00, "[commission/communion?]" mrs Louise Green - your committee miss Hellen S. Yates "[charity?]" Dea C.K. Green, mrs nettie Lompkin

This report was received and adopted by a motion of Dea Paul Lompkin after Rev Young explained tot he committee that his name did not come in the category of officers.