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116 that the trustee now owning and holding, for the use and benefit of the said congregation the following property, to-wit: all that certain lot or "[illegible]" of land with the buildings and improvements thereon, situated in Rappahannock ,"[magisterial?]" district, essex county, Virginia, lying on the right side of "[W.S. Rauto/Route?]" #17 leading from tappahannock to "[saluda?]", near Ozeana, Virginia "[bounded?]" as follow; on the north by the lands of Victor Bayton, on the land of A.G. "[illegible]" and on the last by the side Route #17, it being all or a ration of this property "[illegible]" the said Angel Visit Baptist Church by "[elud/elude?]" from Michael "[Wheeler?]" and others dated the 21st day of July ,1893 of "[record?]" in the circuit court of Essex county, Virginia in "[lud/dud?]" book 57, page 241, and also by "[lud/dud?]" form the Essex county school board dated the 7th day if December, 1937, of record in in the above clerks office in "[dud?]" book 83, page 14 shall, and the trustee hereby are "[directed?]" to barrow form the Southside bank, Tappahannock, Virginia, the sum of 6,000.00, upon such terms as to intrust and "[illegible]" as to the said trustee may

117 sum proper and responsible the trustee shall "[except and deliver?]" in "[illegible]" of the said debt their note or notes for the same and the said trustee shall incumber the above described "[illegible]" for the purpose of "[receiving?]" the said note or notes, by the "[exception/reception?]" and delivery of a "[dud?]" of trustee "[conveying]" the said property to Gordon Lewis, trusted, in trust for the benefit of Southside bank which said "[dud?]" of trust shall contain such "[illegible]" and arguments as to all "[illegible]" matters as the trustee may in their discretion "[assent?]" to. there being no further business the meeting on motion duly made and seconded was adjourned Susie E. Cannon Secretary.