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116 that the trustee now owning and holding, for the use and benefit of the said congregation the following property, to-wit: All that Certain lot or parcel of land with the buildings and improvements thereon, situated in Rappahannock Magisterial District, Essex County, Virginia, lying on the right side of U.S. Route #17 leading from Tappahannock to Saluda, near Ozeana, Virginia bounded as follow; on the north by the lands of Victor Bayton, on the west and south by the land of A.G. Muse and on the east by the said Route #17; it being all or a Ration of this property conveyed unto the said Angel Visit Baptist Church by deed from Michael Wheeler and others dated the 21st day of July ,1893 of record in the Circuit Court of Essex County, Virginia in Deed Book 57, Page 241, and also by deed from the Essex County School Board dated the 7th day if December, 1937, of record in in the above Clerk's office in Deed Book 83, Page 14 shall, and the Trustee hereby are directed to, borrow form the Southside Bank, Tappahannock, Virginia, the sum of 6,000.00, upon such terms as to interest and maturity as to the said Trustee may 117 sum proper and responsible the Trustee shall execute and deliver in evidence of the said debt their note or notes for the same and the said Trustee shall incumber the above described real estate for the purpose of securing the said debt evidenced by the said debt evidenced by the said note or notes, by the execution and delivery of a deed of trust, conveying the said property to Gordon Lewis, Trustee, in Trust for the benefit of Southside Bank, which said deed of trust shall contain such convents and argreements as to all Collatoral Matters as the Trustee may in their discretion assent to. There being no further bussiness, the meeting on motion duly made and seconded was adjourned Susie E. Cannon Secretary.