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shall not within the three months from the date of the said last mentioned replenery bond pay up and satisfy the full amount of rent interest & Cost reserved in and due thereby. That the said George Young is impowered and hereby directed to sell the said Negro Harriett, at publick auction or otherwise, as is directed in the foregoing deed of trust, and convey the said negro girl aforesaid to the purchaser, and out of the proceeds first to discharge the first rent due & secured as aforesaid and the balance to be applied to the discharge of the Latter bond and any Surplus pay over to said Groverman and in case the said Negro shall be sold under the prior deed of trust, then & in such Case after paying and satisfying the first bond the amt of the surplus to pay & satisfy the latter bond, then if any Surplus, the trustee to pay the same over to me. In witness whereof I the sd. Wm Groverman have hereunto set my hand & seal this Twentyeth day of November 1809. Wm Groverman {Seal} Signed and sealed and delivered in presence of S. Snowden Jas. Sandelton Jas. S Yeatt