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heirs and assigns, to their only proper use for ever, In trust, however, for the following purposes, and none other: That is to say, to permit the said Horatio R. Marryman his heirs and assigns, to retain possession, and to receive the rents and profits, without account until a sale became necessary under the terms of this Deed, and if the said Horatio R. Marryman his heirs Exors, Admers or assigns shall fail to pay to the aforesaid Thomas King his Exors: admors: or assigns twelve months from the date of these presents the said sum of Eighty-one dollars& sixty-seven cents lawful money of the United States with legal interest thereon from this day until paid then that the said Mr. Neale or his heirs, shall on the request of the said Thomas King proceed to sell the premises before described, at public auction, for cash, [redacted], and after defraying all reasonable expenses and charges attending the sale, shall out of the money thence to arise, pay to the said Thomas King, his Exors: admors: or assigns the aforesaid sum of eighty one dollars and sixty-seven cents with Interest thereon as aforesaid. Of the time and place of sale Ten days previous notice shall be given in some newspaper, published in the Town of Alexandria and if any balance remain, shall pay over the same to the said Horatio R. Marryman, his Ecers: admors: or assigns and shall convey the premises sold to the purchaser or purchasers. Provided always and on this Condition, That if the said Horatio R. Marryman his heirs or assigns, shall at any time before sale actually made pay the aforesaid sum of Eighty One dollars and sixty seven cents, to the said Thos. King, his heirs or assigns with the interest thereon as