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ing the Notes so drawn by the said George Noble Tyler and by him negotiated for his own particular use, or for an in consideration of the Trusts herein after contained and expressed on the part and behalf of him the said James Kirk-- his Executors and Administrators to be executed fulfilled and performed and of one Dollar to him the said George Noble Tyler in hand paid by him the said James Kirk at or before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given granted bargained sold, aliened and confirmed and by these presents do give grant bargain sell alien and confirm unto him the said James Kirk his Heirs and Assigns forever a piece or parcel of ground [situate?] lying and being upon the West Side of Water Street and to the Northward of Gibbons Street in the said Town of Alexandria and bounded as followeth Begining upon Water Street one hundred and thirty seven feet nine Inches to the Northward of Gibbons Street and runing thence Northwardly with Water Street and bending thereupon thirty eight feet ten Inches thence Westwardly with a Line parallell to Gibbons Street eight seven feet five Inches thence Southwardly with a line parallel to Water Street thirty eight feet ten Inches, thence with a straight line to the Begining which piece of ground was sold and conveyed by Alexander Virtch and Barbara his Wife unto him the said George Noble Tyler his Heirs and assigns by an Indenture bearing date the sixteenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and three subject to the payment of a Rent of fourteen pounds eleven Shillings and Three pence current money of Virginia yearly and every year forever upon the first day of January in each year unto William Thornton Alexander his Heirs and Assigns. also a tract of Land [situate?]]