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Schedule referred to in the within deed. 1 Mahogany [illegible] one do Sideboard 1 do. Beauro 1 Set of do dining Tables 1 do Tea Table, 1 do Candle Stand, 1 Set of China, Chimney ornaments, 2 Looking Glasses, one large print of Liberty, two wire fenders, one large Carpet, one small do. 2 doz. Windsor Chairs, 1 Set of China, 1 Set of waiters, two pair shovels and tongs, two pair of Andirons, one Britannia Coffee pot, one do. Tea pot, one dozen Silver spoons, one sliver cream pot, two silver salt spoons, two plated sugar dishes, 1 pair plated candlesticks, 1 pair of brass do, two pair of Snuffers, one glass pitcher, 1 China Bowl, four gobletts 1 pair quart decanters Six Tumblers, one dozen Wine Glasses, Six Glass dishes, 1 pair plated Castors, tow dozen knives and forks, 1 [Japanned?] Bread basket, one do. knife Box, Two Feather Beds, one Mattrass, 5 pair of rose blankets, 6 pair of Sheets, four pillows, two [Boalstery?] , two sets of window curtains, two sets of Bed curtains, 3 Counterpanes, one set of Table China, one set of common plates and dishes, four flat Irons, 1 bell metal kettle, six iron pots, 1 Griddle, 1 Gridiron, Sundry tin ware, a nest of wooden ware, one Tin kitchen or roaster, one frying pan, one axe, and sundry other articles of kitchen furniture. Alex'r. Moore