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all men by these presents, that I Nathanial Burwell of Lancaster County, for this consideration of one thousand one hundred, and thirty four food pounds six shillings, eight pence half penny, to me in hand paid, before the signing of these presents; the receipts of which I do hereby acknowledge; have bargained sale unto Philip L Grymes of the County of Middlesex sixteen Negroe slaves, viy Matt, york Bob, Amos, Frank, Tie, Jacob, Andrew, Limehouse, Joshua, Anthony, Libby, Nelly, Grace, Delphia, Rachael, Morgan. I do hereby discharge myself debt of every person or persons whatsoever claiming under me from all right or settle to him the said slaves, or the future increase of the said females; which said little I will forever defend; & do hereby warrant to be good, & to be wholely vested in the said Phillip L Grymes his [illegible] for the faithful exchange of the above consideration. Money, in witness, whereas I have my hand & offer my seal this twentieth day of