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This deed made this [16th?] day of April 1855, by & between James Marsh and A.J. Bund [Witnesseth?], the said Marsh doth grant unto the said Bund [illegible], the following property, to wit, 2 yoke of oxen, one cart, 2 [illegible] & furniture, 1 cow & calf & all of my [illegible] in & [to?] two negroes Ellen & her [increase?] & negro man Cyrus- In trust to secure [illegible] the payment of a certain [illegible] due [illegible] D Hayne amounting to four hundred dollars [less interest?] due from [16?] April 1866 until paid- [Now?] if the said James Marsh shall pay off the said [sum?] & interest, & all cost that may occure in securing this trust, then this obligation to be void, but should he fail to pay any part of the said debt of interest, then the said Bund after advertising the time & place of sale shall sell the above mentioned property, & pay off & satisfy the [illegible] & interest & costs, & the balance if any pay over to the said Marsh. Witness the following Signatures & seal James Marsh his mark (seal) Teste AJ Bund Lancaster County Court Clerks office April 16th 1855 this deed of trust from James Harsh to A. J. Bund for the benefit of JD Haymo was this day acknowledged before me in my office aforesaid by the said Marsh and [struck through] admitted to record Teste Cyrus Doggett