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This Indenture made and entered into this 30th of October in year 1842 between Elisha Calleham of the first part, William A Clement of the second part and Fanny Calleham wife of the said Elisha Calleham, William Edmund, David, Elisha , Achilles, Moseley Merryman, Mary, Catherine, Letetia & Gabrilla Calleham children of the said Elisha Calleham of the third part; Whereas circumstances (which are unnessary to be here recited) have arisen that render it unpleasant and unfit that the said Calleham and wife should continue together longer as man and wife, and the said Calleham being desirous to provide for her his said wife and children aforesaid; Now in consideration of the [promises?] and also for the further consideration of five dollars to him the said Elisha Calleham in hand paid by the said William Clemenent the receipt whereof the said Calleham doth hereby acknowledge, the said Calleham doth grant, bargain and sell to the said William A Clement the following property, vis All the interest as tenant by curtisy which the said Calleham has in a tract of land allotted to his the said Calleham's wife from her father's estate, one negro girl Pat, one negro boy, Gilbert, one Bureau, one cupboard, three bedsteads, beds and furniture, one walnut table, two pine tables, six chairs, one large iron pot, one small oven, one skillet, six plates, half dozen knives and forks, two pitchers, two dishes, two bowls, the rent corn & half of the oats due as rent on the tract of land above mentioned allotted as aforesaid also the tobacco due as rent this year on said tract . also all claim, right or demand on the estate of Edmund Herndon decd also all right claims or demand in the dower estate of Mrs Herndon the mother of the said Fanny Calleham after discharging the amount purchased by the said Elisha Calleham at the sale of Edmond Herndon Decd TO HAVE & TO HOLD the interest and property aforesaid to him the said William A Clements his heirs or assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Clement; and the said Elisha Calleham doth hereby warrant and forever defend to the said Clement a true and legal title to the aforesaid property free from the claim or claims interest or demand of him the said Calleham and all and every other person or persons NEVERTHELESS this deed is upon the following [illegible] that the