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The deed made this 1st day of March 1861 between J.W. Stone of the first part & C M Blackford trustee of the second part & office of the Exchange Bank of Virginia at Lynchburg of the third part. Whereas the said Jno W Stine is indebted to the said Bank in the sum of Ten Thousand dollars evidenced by his negotiable note for that sum endorsed by Geo W. Perkins bearing even date with this deeds & payable four months after the date thereof, and whereas the said Stine is anxious to secure the payment of the said not or any note or notes given in renewal or continuation of the same in whole or in part. Now therefore this and witnesseth that the said Jno W Stine doth grant unto the said C.M. Blackford with general warrenty the following property to wit I. The Houses & lot on Aramond Hill in which he now resides lying in the "[suburbs?]" of the city of Lynchburg at the corner (south) of 15 & Monroe Street as "[projected?]" upon the plan of the said city [new style] containing half and acre, it being the same lot purchased by said Stine of B.H. Nowlin II. Forty shares of stock of the Merchants Bank in the City of Lynchburg now standing in the name of said P.S. March, the scrip for which is now by me with a transfer from said March. III. The following negroes & the increase of the females to wit. Alley & child, Lauria & child - Caroline-Elivra - Jim - Anderson - & Alic to have & to hold to him the said Blackford Upon this trust. That the said Blackford shall permit the said Stine to remain in quiet enjoyment of the use of profits of the said