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That Phoebe (the Indian) the plt. is entitled to freedom. John Ford which on the plt's. motion is recorded. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the s'd. Phoebe be restored to her Liberty, and recover agains the Def't. her costs in this behalf expended From which Judgment the Defendant pray'd and appeal to the 8th day of the next Gen'l. Court which granted on his giving Bond and Security in the Clerk's Office at or before the next Court to be held for this County for prosecuting the s'd. appeal with Effect. Plt's. Costs 15 / & 122 [tt?] Tobo. A Copny Jno. Timberlake DC SC Know all men by these presents that we Joseph Fitzpatrick Rene Woodson and Elizabeth Napier of Fluvanna County are held and hereby bound unto Phoebe an Indian in the sum of five thousand pounds Curr't Money to be paid to the s'd. Phoebe her certain attorney her Heirs Executors, administrators or assigns to the payment whereof well and truly to be made to bind ourselves, our Heirs, Exors. and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 15th day of Sep't. 1780. The Condition in the above obligation is such that whereas in a petition exhibited to the Court of the s'd. County on the 7th day of this Instant by the s'd. Phoebe ag't. the s'd. Jos. Fitzpatrick setting forth that she is entitled to freedom and praying to be discharged from the service of the s'd. Jos. a Jury was impannell'd and sworn to enquire int Facts set for in the s'd. petition, who found a Verd't. that she was entitled to Freedom, and an order that she should be set at liberty and the s'd. Jos. hath pray'd and appeal from the s'd. Judgment to the 8th day of the next Gen'l Court. Now if the s'd. Joseph whall well and truly prosecuted the s'd. appeal with effect and shall pay to the s'd. Phoebe the costs of the s'd. petition and 15 pr cent thereon together with all costs and Damages that shall be awarded against him in case the Jud'g. afores'd. shall be confirmed then this obligation to be void.