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July 25th 1857- letter of dismission granted to sister Mary J. Walden

August 22nd 1857 At a regular monthly meeting of Cumberland Baptist Church at Booker's meeting house on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day, present, Elder Thomas E. Reynolds moderator, & brethren John D. Jenkins, John Sanderson, Joham Parker and O. J. Reynolds. The meeting was opened with prayer by brother Sanderson____ A letter of dismission was ordered to be given to sister Sarah Meador____ The committee J. D. Jenkins and Nelson Talley, appointed at our last meeting to see brother Moses J. Dunkurn and report at the next meeting. Sister Julia A. Reynolds was received unto full connection into the Baptist Church on her Baptism____ The code of by-laws was [were] unanimously adopted. Adjourned with benediction. O. J. Reynolds, Clerk