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for pastoral services for the current year ending October 1858, which was ordered to be entered on the record____no other business appearing, the meeting was adjourned with benediction by the pastor

O. J. Reynolds, Clerk

May 8th 1858 At a called meeting of Cumberland Church, Elder T. E. Reynolds moderator, and brethren J. D. Jenkin, N. Talley, J. O. Reynolds, Willis Sanderson, Bernard Meador, John Sanderson, Willis Anderson, C. A. Merryman and other brethren being present, the meeting was called to order by the moderator, and the object of the meeting being explained to be examination into an unpleasant state of feeling and spirit between brother John E. Minter and sister Mary Ruckman; on motion it was ordered to lie over until the next regular monthly business meeting at Jenkin meeting house___ A letter from