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22 May 1919. Dearest Love: - No news yet, and I'm almost afraid to write to you for fear that you will be made a victim of my bad humor. I've been as grouchy as an old hen who has [consined?] the idea that somebody is trying to "put something over on her." My application should be back by this time with a "yes" or "no," but it has not shown up yet! Your letter of May 4th reached my on the 19th, and I was happy to have it so soon after it had left your hand. Your letters are precious gifts in a far off hand, and I would not part with them for worlds. Little Madeline has gone to Nautes today with her mother in order to get her robe & veil for the first communion, which ceremony will take place on the 8th of June. Madeline is quite put-out over the fact that three of Mde Ribot's friends discovered that they had to buy