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some things at Nantes and hence have accompanied them. She was anxious for tante Blanche (Mde Cloche) to go along, but she didn't relish the idea of having to put up with a talkative bunch of ladies. It is customary to give a present on the day of this ceremony + Mde asked Madeline what she wished for to have. She objected to telling her for fear the thing wanted would cost more than the occasion warranted. After much coaxing she said that she would like a small cloak in a case suitable for traveling, and having an alarm. She thought it would be grand for use at the hotels when traveling in order to be sure to wake up in in time to catch a train. I asked Mde to get her a present for me also, and I suggested that if she found the present to be too expensive, to include my contribution towards the purchase of a nice clock. She said Madeline would think of us both at the same time and that would be nice. Saturday night we'll have a little party at Dr. Ribot's home. Mde Cloche had planned to leave for Paris Sat. Night but decided to wait over + go Sunday. Her night at Paris is preparing to leave for [Cobbery?], Germany as her husband will be stationed with the arm of occupation. Mde will stay here only two days