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Our boys no doubt fought for France, but it was for their own country they died and no doubt their last thoughts in their dying moments were of country and home. What bond is there to hold them in their grave in foreign soil when home earth is eager to receive their remains where they may rest in secure repose until the Resurrection. Expert opinion on the question of sanitary effect clearly indicates there is no difficulty or danger on that viewpoint and that it is not entirely feasible, but more practicable now than two years hence. Our war supplies and war equipment have been sold to France and left behind our returning victorious army, but the sacred remains of our dead heroes must not be left for France to reap a harvest by exhibiting their graves to the curious tourists or sightseers. Many parents of soldiers are not physically or financially able to make a trip to visit the graves of their dear ones, but the United States Government is both physically and financially able to bring their remains home as promised. One excuse given by Graves Registration Service why we should not remove these bodies was that the Americans and Chinese are the only people in the world who remove their dead. As far as can be ascertained the majority of the American relatives prefer to take their position alongside of the Chinamen, if that is the way to have the soldiers who fell in this great conflict, removed to their home land. The government removed their soldiers from the Philippines and brought them across the great expanse of water that they might rest in the soil that they were fighting for and it cannot be disputed that the boys who fell in France were not fighting for the interest and preservation of the land of their birth and devotion. The time has come for the many parents of our dead soldiers to demand the immediate return of the bodies to America. Any parent who gave his or her boy to the great cause should have the right to the body of that boy who was given to this country, returned for internment in the country that he fought for and loved. You Ask-"What Can I Do to Help Bring Home the Remains of My Boy?" Make an endless chain-write to all fellow sufferers, requesting their co-operation and also ask your friends to write every Senator, Congressman, and Government official requesting favorable action on this bill. Congress no doubt is very busy with many other important matters-France is busy with reconstruction-but our dead must not be neglected nor forgotten. Our boys fought for us and it is now time for us to fight for them that they may have a resting place in their native land. Before it is too late, file your request and appeal to your Government representative and urge immediate action on passing Bill No. H. R. 10045, as follows: