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Gerald Hawes PRESIDENT A. J. Hawes TREAS. & GEN'L MGR. John Wilfert Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Valves - Fittings and Piping STEAM ENGINEERING AND POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATION AND HYDRAULIC SPECIALTIES EXECUTIVE OFFICE: 258 BROADWAY TELEPHONE 6643 BARCLAY FOUNDRIES AND MACHINE SHOPS BUSHWICK TERMINAL BROOKLYN, N . Y . TELEPHONE 1300 STAGG - SALESROOMS AND WAREHOUSES 486-496 BUSHWICK AVENUE 12-20 GARDEN STREET 33-41 GARDEN STREET BROOKLYN, N . Y . NEW YORK May 15th, 1919 RECEIVED MAY 24 1919 GOVERNOR's OFFICE T/T Honorable Westmoreland Davis, Governor of the State of Virginia, Richmond, Va. Sir: May I have the honor of presenting for your esteemed consideration, Captain W. Gerald Hawes' recent article, and wherein are shown the many phases of the shipping problem as allied to the successful outcome of the reconstruction period. You will also note there-in, Captain Hawes' views covering Chair-man Hurley's recent tender as to the best methods for facilitating and furthering our shipping and commerce. If any any way I can be of service to you regarding advices or information covering the above, I shall be pleased to hear further from you. Yours very truly, [illegible] Secretary to Captain Hawes