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February 22, 1918.

Mr. Alan G. Burrow, Chairman, Local Board, Norfolk County Portsmouth, Virginia.

Dear Mr. Burrow:

The Governor after talking with you over the telephone, sent the following telegram to Dr. Burnley Langford:

"Please cooperate with Local Board Norfolk County and arrange through your Medical Society to have thirty doctors working is shifts of fifteen each examine at the Portsmouth City Armory tomorrow and Monday the five hundred draft registrants who have been called by the Board. This is call for national service and I feel confident the doctors of Norfolk Portsmouth and vicinity will unhesitatingly respond if such a request for their service is issued by you."

The Adjutant General advises me that such a large number of doctors is hardly necessary, but if Dr. Langford can get them out for you I sincerely hope that they will be able to dispose of the examinations for your board promptly.

I trust the telegram that the Governor has sent will have the effect which you hope for. Please advise me if we can be of service to you in any other way.

Cordially yours,