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RECEIVED AUG 26 1918 GOVERNOR'S OFFICE Saluda, Va., August 26, 1918. His Excellency, Westmoreland Davis, Governor of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. Dear Sir: We, the undersigned, beg leave to submit the following information relative to the practice of Dr. H. F. Hoskins, and the conditions of and in the territory of his practice. Dr. Hoskins covers the territory of about three hundred and fifty square miles, with a population of approximately twenty-five hundred, which territory you will note outlined in blue on the map attached hereto. Should Dr. Hoskins be taken away from this territory, the only other physicians surrounding it are Drs. Smith and Tabb at Gloucester Courthouse, fifteen miles from the center of this territory; Dr. Davis, of Sassafras, eighteen miles from the center; Dr. Cox, of Little Plymouth, eighteen miles from the center; and Drs. Bagby and Hudson, eighteen miles from the center of this territory, with a toll bridge over Mattaponi River, costing $1.00 the round trip, which leaves the territory indicated on the accompanying map outlined in red ink, whose inhabitants could not reach a Doctor under less than five miles, and the majority of them as much as eighteen and twenty miles. A large portion of Dr. Hoskins' territory has no 'phone connection. Practically all of it has awful roads in the summer, not to speak of the winter, and if Dr. Hoskins were taken away, the majority of inhabitants in this territory would be practically cut off from the medical fraternity.. We understand it is the purpose of the Government to surplant the active men now in practice needed for field service, with men unfitted for field service because of age or infirmity, and I beg leave to submit for your consideration that, to our mind, three such men could not cover the territory now covered by Dr. Hoskins. All of the undersigned live at different points in Dr. Hoskins' territory and each one knows the entire section of the country. Respectfully yours, Rev R. O. Owen. R. J. Milby Jas F. Bland