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September 13, 1918. Major Robert C. Bryan, M.R.C., Chairman, State Committee, Medical Section Council of National Defense, RIchmond, Va. Dear Major Bryan:- Referring to the letter of General Stern, Adjutant General of Virginia, September 7, 1918, subject: "Medical Advisory Board Petersburg," I beg to say that the following physicians, of Petersburg, advise me that they are ready to enroll in the Medical Reserve Corps of the United States Army, and hold themselves subject to call therefor: Dr. J.D. Osborne Dr. J.B. Jones Dr. J.W. Williams Dr. E. L. McGill Unless it be found expedient to otherwise order, they will continue their work on the Advisory Board at Petersburg until called for active service. This complies with the requirements of the government, I believe. With kind regards, I remain, Sincerely yours, [illegible] Governor. Copy to -- Doctors- J.D.Osborn, J.B. Jones, J.W. Williams and E.L. McGill.