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District Board


Barham, Wm B Newsome McLemore, W. T. Courtland Grizzard, J. A. Drewrysville Raiford, R. L. Sedley Cobb, R. H. Franklin Parker, N. M. Emporia Adams, W. P. (dentist) Emporia


Harris, T.C. Kenbridge Kendig, W. D. Kenbridge Carter, G. H. Boydton Sneed, H. M. South Hill Connelly, E. H. Alberta Walker, L. G. (dentist) Kenbridge

HALIFAX And CHARLOTTE Stover, Geo. A. South Boston Belt, H. S. South Boston Hagood, J. D. Scottsburg Tucker, Chas. W. Drakes Branch Bailey, J. B. Keysville Lovelace, Wm. S. (dentist) Houston

PRINCE EDWARD And CUMBERLAND Irving, Paulus Farmville Winston, Peter Farmville Terry, J. D. Rice Depot Smith, J. W. Farmville, R. F. D. Weisiger, Carter Cumberland Beckham, P. W. (dentist) Farmville

NOTTOWAY And AMELIA Young, J. H. Burkeville Warringer, W. R. Crewe Tucker, C. C. Blackstone Habel, James Jetersville Putney, W. R. Amelia Stith, R. Irvin (dentist) Blackstone