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367 Lee Monument Assn To } Deed State of Virginia

Whereas the Lee Monument Association has finished the work for which it was organized and whereas it is deemed by all the parties to this instrument to be the most graceful and appropriate supplement to that work the Equestrian Statue of General Robert E Lee about being completed for said association in the City of Paris and the monument of which it is to form a part should be presented to the Commonwealth and whereas the General Assembly of Virginia highly appreciating and approving this patriotic purpose has by special statute approved the 19th day of December 1889 accepted the gift and authorized and requested the Governor in the name and on behalf of the Commonwealth to execute any appropriate conveyance of the same in token of such acceptance and of the guarantee of the State herein [belorg?] set out

Now therefore this deed made this the 17th day of March 1890 between the Lee Monument Association party of the first part and Otway S. Allen and Mary McDonald Allen his wife, Roger Gregory and Bettie F. Gregory his wife who was Bettie F. Allen and N.M. Wilson and Martha A. Wilson his wife who was Martha Allen, parties of the second part and the State of Virginia a party of the third part

Witness[to?] That the parties of the first part in consideration of the promises by and with the approval and consent of the parties of the second part who were the original grantors of the Monument Site, signify by their Execution of this Instrument, do grant[,] transfer and convey unto the party of the third part with Special Warranty the following property to wit: That piece or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Henrico just beyond the present western confines of the City of Richmond contained within a circle whose radius is (100) One Hundred feet whose centre is the middle point of the intersection of Monument Avenue and Allen Avenue and whose location and description are more fully and clearly shown upon a plat of The Wm C Allen Addition recorded on the 27th day of April 1889 in plat Book No. [6?], page 63 in the Clerks Office of the County Court of Henrico County to which plat reference is hereby [special?]