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made the property herein above conveyed, which is the Monument Site being indicated on said plat by the figure and the word "Circle."

Also the pedestal erected and about being completed upon said site and the Equestrian Statue of General Robert E Lee being executed by M. Mercie in the City of Paris and now completed which statue is to be placed upon said pedestal the whole constituting the Monument to General Robert E. Lee, for the erection of which the said Lee Monument Association was organized.

The State of Virginia, party of the third part acting by and through the Governor of the Commonwealth and pursuant to the terms and provisions of the Special Statute herein before mentioned executes this instrument in token of her acceptance of the gift and of her guarantee that she will hold said Statue and pedestal and Circle of ground perpetually sacred to the Monumental purpose to which they have been devoted and that she will faithfully guard it and affectionately protect it.

Witness the following Signatures and Seals P.W. McKinney, President L.M. Assn{Seal} N.M. Wilson {Seal} Martha Allen Wilson {Seal} Roger Gregory {Seal} Bettie F. Gregory {Seal} Otway S. Allen {Seal} Mary McDonald Allen {Seal} P.W. McKinney, Governor {Seal}

Virginia, City of Richmond} To wit: I C. Lee Moore, a Notary Public in the State and for the City aforesaid to certify that P.W. McKinney, President of the Lee Monument Association, whose name as president is signed to the above writing bearing date the 17th day of March 1890 personally appeared before me in my city aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be the act and deed of the said Association and that he executed the same and affixed thereto the common seal of said Association testimony whereof by virtue of his authority