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before a Justice of the peace of the County of Accomack aforesaid [conformably?] to the act aforesaid Milby Holland Accomack County to [wit?] [Milby?] Holland of the County aforesaid appeared before me Thomas [Cropper?] - one of the Justices of the Peace of the County [illegible] on this 24th day of February 1814 and then and there exhibited to me this statement in writing aforesaid and moreover made oath before me that the said statement contains a true account of the slaves named therein and brought into this Commonwealth by the said Milby Holland in manner as therein stated and that the said slaves have not been brought into this Commonwealth for the purpose of sale or with intent to evade the Laws of the Commonwealth to prevent the further importation of slaves or in any manner contrary to the provisions of this act. [illegible] under my hand this 24th day of February [1816?] Thomas Cropper...