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To all to whom these presents may come, Be it known that I Abraham, commonly called Abraham Guthrie, the son of Pender, having by the kindness & benevolence of Thomas [Crippen Jen.?] my late deceased master been restored from a state of slavery to the inestimable blessings of freedom, and whereas since the recovery of the rank of a freeman, I have fortunately been enabled to purchase my mother Pender of the Executors of Robert Colburn decesased & my brother Isaac of Mr. George Coleburn, who were still in a state of slavery, & whereas I am advised that the duties & obligations of slavery before due from my said Mother Pender & my said brother Isaac to their former owners are by law now due to me, any heirs & [aligns?], but for as much as it would be against nature, & utterly by abhorrent to my intention & design in making the said purchases, to hold my mother & my brother bound in the duties of slavery to me, I do therefore by these presents utterly emancipate, discharge & sell free my said mother Pender & my said brother Isaac from all duties & obligations of slavery whatsoever, willing them to be equally free with myself.