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it is so. I can say to you that this leaves me well as common I hope you may receive this in due time and it may fine [sic] you all well and doing likewise I had a letter from my Son date the 17th of the present month he was well he writes to me every week Oh this Sinful war Oh that the Lord would [h]umble this nation that they would become [h]umble and cry to him to be forgiven of their idolitry [sic] that they might worship the true and living God. to him who is able to give Victory to the weak and humble if the Lord do not undertak[e] for this people in a short time we are certainly [illegible] and the Soldiers are wating to See if our authorities will make a compromise; if they do not by the middle of March they intend to quit and go home and risk the consequences let them be as they may. They say they had as well let [Lencons] forces take them as to perish to death or be kill fighting for the property of men who are liable [illegible] army and are at home. They say they are exposed to all the [weather] not more than half clothed or shod. They say that we are [farely?] whipped and they do not intend to go in to another battle for they dont want to be killed for nothing The yankees are partly much quit coming over to us we loose from four to as high as fifty two in one night. I give it as my honest opinion that this war will end by the first of April if the soldiers do what they say they They say [illegible] their time will be out in [Mar?] and they will be out too. They say