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if they cant stay at home they will go to the north, if you have not sent me no provisions i want you to send me some if you can get any person to come with them it is not worthwhile to start them unless you can get some person to come with them I want cakes pies pudins [sic] peck of peas half the bu [bushel] of flour half bushel of corn meal half gallon of molasses tell cousin George Griggs to send me a dram tell Cousin Jane to send me some thing good tell Sister Dorothy to send me some potatoes and dried fruit. any thing that is fiten [sic] to eat I would be glad to ge[t] send me a little meat Wm Wadkins is at home he will start back the 27th of this month he will bring it if you can send it to danville James please send it Send me some turnip and one cabbage [vertically at top of first page] and Wadkins will bring it to me tell Brother King to send one to B S Jones your friend L G King [vertically at top of second page] Em E. King my daughter please Write to your old Father Oh that I could return home once more farwell [sic] L. G. King I hope the Son may bless you all