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Va Camp Ewell, near Garrotts [illegible] February 12, [186?] my wife and family I will [illegible] you a short letter this morning, [illegible] you may have from me I have, I have [been?] very sick, but I thank God I am [illegible] again, but not well I hope you [illegible] receive this in due time and [illegible] fine you all in good health and [illegible] well I have no news of importance to inform you of, we have very [hard?] times we have to work on [illegible] works every day the the yankees are trying to [illegible] [illegible?] around to the South Side [illegible] general [Prigrim?] was kill [illegible] [illegible] I understand that upwards of [2?] of his men have left since the [fight?] I heard yesterd that 204 of Ivines men left Thursday night The Soldiers are determined to break up this [illegible] Think that [illegible] Jerry will [loose?] a good many in a short time your