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Levi Hexter sworn deposed that on the night of the 26th of Sept last witnesses store in Richmond was forcibly entered from the rear by way of a window and Goods worth upwards of four thousand dollars stolen therefrom. On last Monday week ago, witness received a dispatch from Charlottesville informing him that goods were being offered for sale there answering the description of those that witness lost. Witness went up and identified the goods here produced in Court as his property. Witness found the goods in the possession of Mr. C. L. Thompson of Charlottesville. The prisoner resides in Richmond. A portion of the goods here produced in court, to wit: a bundle of Hose, has witnesses private mark on them. Witness has no doubt whatever as to the identity of the goods as his own property but did not claim other goods produced as his own. Witness furnished a list of the goods that he lost the morning after the robbery to the Mayors police and the goods here produced to the Court also answers the description. The Goods here produced are part of those stolen from witness, and are of the value stated in the warrant. Nathan Gazan sworn deposed that he was in Richmond at the time of of the robbery and received from Mr Hexter a description of the Goods stolen from him and when he went home to Charlottesville saw a man named Wm Battles who is the brother in law of the prisoner who asked witness if he did not want to purchase such goods, witness went on the 2 Monday in Oct 13th and looked at the Goods at the store of Mr. C. L. Thompson and found that they answered the description of the goods that were lost by Mr. Hexter & requested Thompson to keep the goods until Hexter could be heard from. Prisoner and his brother in law went to Mr Thompson after hearing this the same day and offered to take back the goods and repay the money to Mr Thompson which Thompson had given for them. Mr. Thompson refused because he wanted