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to have the matter enquired into. Witness secured the services of Mr. Terrill and had the prisoner arrested who at first said that he did not know who he bought the goods from & then he said that he had bought the goods at the market house in Richmond from a man who said his name was James Jones or John Jones. Prisoner said that the man was a soldier and told him he was carrying the goods to the army but finding difficulty doing so had concluded to sell them. Witness telegraphed to Mr. Hexter who came up and identified the goods as his property. Witness never heard any thing against the character of Battles. The prisoner had a good character in Charlottesville previous to his removing to Richmond about six years ago. Clifford L. Thompson sworn deposed that on last Tuesday two weeks ago the prisoner came to his store in Charlottesville and offered to sell witness the goods here produced in Court. Witness examined the goods and purchased the goods from the prisoner. Witness gave him 4.50 a yard for the cloth and $4.50 a pair for the stockings. Prisoner has not lived in Charlottesville for six years. Prisoner always had a good character while residing in Charlottesville. Prisoner said that he had a receipt for the goods but refused to show it to Mr. Hexter, but said that he would show it to the magistrate at the proper time. The receipt is as follows (here insert it). Prisoner said when objection was made to his taking back the goods from Thompson that he would go down next day (Wednesday) to Richmond and get the receipt and return Wednesday. A. F. Terrill sworn deposed that he went to the cars at the request of Mr. Gazan on Tuesday to examine and see if the prisoner came down to get the receipt and witness searched for him and [illegible] on the cars but did not see him Prisoner lived in Charlottesville & he always bore a good [written in the right margin and across the top of the page:] [illegible] to take the goods back and repay the money and did take away a part of them, but before he took away all, witness, in consequence of what Gazan said about the goods told the prisoner to bring them back which he did. Witness said Battles has an excellent character for truth & honesty