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Porter Beer to make - Put together Porter 9 qts water and 5 pints molasses. Batter + cork tight, it will take six weeks to ripen. the corks should be wired to prevent flying out - another - 1 qt porter 1 or molasses + 10 of water will make [illegible][illegible] in 3 or 4 weeks.

Glass to cut - Dip a [illegible] string in [illegible] of [illegible] + put it round the glass in the direction you wish it broke + set fire to the thread + the thing will be done [or?] there is no smoke [?]

Cloth water proof to make - To 1 oz white wash [(melted)?] add 1 qt [illegible] [Turpantine??], + when thoroughly [mixed?], dip the cloth when the mixture is cold

Warts to cure - [illegible] the wart is [illegible][illegible] water and rub it with a lump of un[illegible] [lime?] - the wart will be removed leaving no scar -