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Ginger Bread to make. Break 1 doz eggs together in a [vessel?], add 1[abbrev.?] bro sugar, beat them well together, then add 2[abbrev.?] flour - then 1[abbrev.?] butter cream 1 quart of molasses - 1 oz ginger - a [Tea?] cup full of milk in which has been dissolved 2 tea spoons full of pearl ash - Mix well and bake in hoops or tins. Salt of course -

White wash durable to make. To make whitewash durable and prevent it from cracking, the water in which the lime is mixed should be fully saturated with salt before the lime is put in it -

An ox's gall will set any color. in silk [collar?] or Woollen. One large spoonfull of the gall in a gallon of water (warm) is sufficient. The gall can be kept in a vial well corked - It is used [illegible] [soap?] after being washd in this, cloth which you want to clean should be washd in warm suds without using soap upon it.

Sal Volatile or hartshorn will restore colors taken out by acid. It may be dropped upon the garment without doing harm